I owe so much to all the people who performed in my plays.  Without thought for remuneration, of which there was next to nothing, they enthusiastically engaged in giving life to the plays.  Most had regular day jobs and came to rehearsals after work.  No one questioned the quality of the plays; they were all blithely indifferent to the risks they were taking.  It was exhilarating; we were caught up in the excitement of making theatre.

There is no way in which I can adequately express the indebtedness I feel to all the dear friends whose cheerful and dynamic commitment to theatre provided me with solid support and the inspiration to write.  I refer in particular to:

-    Babs Pillay, Essop Khan, Mohammed Ali, Etienne Essery and Nasreen Moosa who formed the backbone of the WIP Theatre Company and made it a significant factor in theatre in Durban during its short existence. 

-    Oliver Raman, Ajay Hurbans, Iqbal Moosa, Vishvani Naidu, Subashni Naidoo and all others, who took part in the UDF Revues.

-    Iqbal Moosa and Faizal Hussain, WIP Theatre technicians

-    actors listed below who performed in one or two plays:

In Durban      Mike Narsey                              

                    Charles Pillay

    Lincoln Nthunya                           

    Neville Josie        

   Rex Dunlop                                     

   Kogi Govender

   Victoria  Francis                          

   Shirley Sunichur

   Faizel Bayat                                   

   Manu Padayachee

   Hamilton Ncayiyana                       

   Solly Pillay

   Pippa Dyer                                                           


In Johannesburg

Goodwill Mokoena                         

Tom Swart                       

David Mokgathle                            

Marthy Watson

        Ivor Chipkin           


My sincerest thanks:

To the Department of Speech and Drama, UDW, for staging Masks in 1983

To Suria Naidoo, Director of Masks at UDW

To the 1983 Students of the Department of Speech and Drama, UDW who performed in Masks:  Prebashni Pather, Ansurie Singh, Yeshodra Maharaj, Satchu Annamalai, Rasheeda Moosa, Arthi Brijlall, Sobhna Poona, Michelle Lazarus, Sithaar Harkhu, Koobeshan Naidoo, Nareen Moodley, Janessa Jagganath, Shantie  Kamakia, Ramola Naidu, Venisha Naidoo, Shamala Naidoo, Clara Raman

To Mike Stainbank and SATO for taking Outside-In to the Grahamstown Festival in 1984