OF NO ACCOUNT, inspired by my brother, Seeni Naidoo, was written in 1980/1. It was the first production of The WIP (Work-in Progress) Theatre Company, which consisted of the cast members and playwright/director. The play was staged at Communikon in Durban in April 1981.  In January 1982, it went to the Laager, at the Market, in Johannesburg.  

It was revised in September 2000 and edited in 2008.

CHARACTERS                                                  CAST

SADHA RAMSAMY, a bookkeeper  45         Mike Narsey

STANLEY THWALA, a wage-clerk,  27        Lincoln Nthunya

SUE BROWN, secretary,  30                         Victoria Francis

GARY ROBERTS, chief accountant,  30        Rex Dunlop

RONNIE CHETTY, bookkeeper  30               Faizal Bayat


The Secretary's office of the Accounting Department of Allen, Manning and Parker, a large construction company in Durban.  Two other offices, which we do not see, lead off this office.  One of them is the office of Gary Roberts, chief accountant; the other is the reception area.