WIP Theatre Plays


The Work-in-Progress Theatre Company


1.   Of No Account (1981, race, sexism and office politics)

2.   We 3 Kings  (1982, a farce, a send-up of racial elections)

3.    Luci's Dilemma  (1982, a farce about Group Areas)

4.    Ikhayalethu (1983, a one-act play about dispossession)

5.   Nobody's Hero (1987, a one-act play dealing with detention)

6.   Outside-In (1983, relationship across the colour line)

7.     Masks (1983, a crisis of identity)

8. Three for Tea:

Have Tea and Go, (1977, a one-act comedy about a shy suitor)

The Divorcee, (1977, a one-act comedy about lustful fantasies)

It's Mine (1983, a one-act comedy about maternity)

9. Flight from the Mahabharath  (Early 1990's, a feminist view of the Epic)