The Kroks Gold Reef City Casino; the ANC and the Judiciary: The illegal assault on Bra Mike - ‘Coz ’94 Changed Fokol!

18 May 2015

The Kroks Gold Reef City Casino stole Bra Mike Stainbank's intellectual property - The Apartheid Museum. And they bastardised the original idea. In a desperate move to get rid of Bra Mike who has faced them and the Judiciary since 2003; they have sent their lap-dog lawyer, Don MacRobert of Edward Nathan & Sonnenberg (ENS) law firm, to turn on the heat.

The latest attempt to crush Bra Mike from exposing their fraud (working with the registrar of companies to steal Mike's property and working with National Lotteries Board (NLB) to steal from the public coffers, has seen them employ dirty smear campaign tactics assisted by journalists & "reputable" publications who have been tasked to dig and cook-up dirt on Bra Mike's business & personal affairs.

The shutting down of The Es’kia Institute, by drying up donor funding, is one of those dirty tactics to make sure Mike Stainbank has no money to continue his fight against these racist thieves. They are now working at the highest levels of power and their meetings are graced by highly decorated Hawks Special Forces. The development of the Es’kia Institute, financed mainly by the public purse, has been decimated. Fifteen years of domestic and international participation; contributions to the growth of Professor Es’kia Mphahlele’s philosophy of Afrikan Humanism is vandalised. All this because two White men, manufacturers of poisonous skin whitening creams, prevailed over the National Lotteries Board (NLB). These racist thieves are not only working with the ANC and Judiciary to steal Mike's property, they are employing the Hawks to take care of their self-interests!

BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR: There is no law in South Africa that gives the Registrar of Companies the discretion to register a company using somebody else’s trade mark. The South African Judiciary has allowed this unlawful conduct to go unchecked since the first case in 2003. Because of some legal technicality that Mike couldn't foresee in the SCA documentation, since he cannot afford a lawyer, he is therefore forced to represent himself, the Kroks lawyers have threatened to affect the warrant of arrest. What this means is that, if imprisoned, Bra Mike would be imprisoned by company that does NOT and CANNOT EXIST IN LAW. The simple analogy one could use to best illustrate this trope of injustice and outright corruption by the Judiciary against Bra Mike is as follows: Imagine a 15 year old teenager boasting possession of a drivers licence. There is no law that allows a drivers licence for a 15 year old. It follows therefore that if he has one – it must have been though fraud or conduct ultra vires ACT. "Law or conduct inconsistent with the constitution is invalid, and the obligations imposed by the constitution must be fulfilled."

Bra Mike is facing imprisonment from a company that cannot exist legally. The entity known to most of you as "The South African Apartheid Museum at Freedom Park" at Gold Reef City, is a fraudulently incorporated company.

In an attempt to gag Bra Mike and distort the narrative of colonial apartheid racism and thereby conceal the fraud, the Kroks racists have colluded with the ANC and are prepared to send Bra Mike, the originator and legal owner of the The Apartheid Museum to jail.

Bra Mike is guilty of but one crime; the Blackness of his skin in a world where white skinned people can steal, not only your LAND and mineral resources but your intellectual effort. They use the courts to punish you for telling the truth about their theft. Bra Mike is neither the first nor the last victim of continued anti-black racism in South Africa. He represents the multitudes of black men rotting in White Supremacists prisons the world over! Imprisoned, Bra Mike would be joining the APLA Freedom Fighters- still languishing in jail, 21 years into democracy. This would make Bra Mike the first political prisoner in the so called new South Africa- a prisoner incarcerated by a non-juristic person at that. If truly we are to accept the notion that Blacks are enjoying the freedom brought by the fall of Apartheid, we are but telling a lie. Above all Bra Mike’s pending incarceration verifies the notion that "1994 changed Fokol"!

The Blackhouse Kollective & Blackwash Movement of Azania

Contact: Comrade Huey Orleyn 0834256969 (#Justice for Bra Mike campaign spokesperson)