From Baba Bantu: In Defence of Comrade Mike Stainbank and his Family

Family of Afrikan Warriors!

Respect to Zeer Nehanda for setting a strong foot forward and kickstart the movement of this campaign. We remain angry, confident, ambitious, goal oriented, hard working and insane (in our opposition to what is rendered 'normal') and are glad to announce that the CAMPAIGN GROUP ON FACEBOOK has been launched.

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  • You are all welcome to AFRIKAN LUNCH, @eBukhosini Solutions, 444 Marshall Street, Jo'burg, on Sunday 26 October, 1pm. Brother Healey will guide a discussion about Home Schooling and its benefits for the Afrikan Family

After this, thereÂÂÂwill be an orientation by Bra' Mike Stainbank, his case and the campaign for justice.


Info: 074 690 4012


  • "Nothing threatens the continued subjugation of Black people more than an education that shapes history in context"
  • Mike Stainbank in "We look at White people and we think Oh! MY GOD!", p. 138

Revolutionary, in servitude of Blackness

Baba Buntu

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Dear Family,

Please take note of the following events for the weekend:

Friday @ 4pm Bra Mike Speaks at Wits Senate House- Contact sister Ayabulela for details: 0732814960
Saturday- Bra Mike Speaks@ Black House- Soweto- Contact brother Thabang for details:0737254238
Sunday- Bra Mike Speaks @ Ebukhosini- Jeppe town- Contact brother Siya for details:0746904012

  • Monday- Pampheteering in town and other areas 3pm-6pm
  • Tuesday- Bra Mike court day- JHC High Court @ 9am. All are encourage to attend.

    Brief Overview of the case:

This story concerns the Trademark: The Apartheid Museum™

I registered the trademark The Apartheid Museum™ in 1990 in Services: Class 41 – Education. (Fuller explanations around trademarks and trademark law appear throughout this story.) I had been developing the concept of my vision since about 1978. By 1990, with very limited resources, I had drawings of the vision and a great deal of written material on the concept, working and reworking thoughts around a great many elements that would make this vision work. About 1995/6 I was invited by the Free State Provincial Government to make a presentation on the Apartheid Museum. Continuing toward the attainment of the primary goal, I was speaking to a wide range of people in my efforts to get this project off the ground. I must fast forward to 1998, when I published my document outlining all that one could around the importance of a vision like this under the trademark The Apartheid Museum. After distributing the publication across the length and breadth of South Africa, I resumed discussions in the Free State, but this time with the Bloemfontein Transitional Local Council. Contact with Gold Reef City Casino, Solly Krok and their BEE persons came in 1999, by way of a request from a friend to help him in a pitch for the Gold Reef City Casinoadvertising account. This led to my meeting Solly Krok – who after perusing my publication asked me why I had chosen such a negative title for my project. GOLD REEF CITY CASINO at the time had been granted the Casino license and was operating from a temporary facility while building their permanent site and a structure they presented to the Gauteng Gambling Board as FREEDOM PARK.

Nothing came of the advertising pitch and to my absolute surprise in December 2001 I opened my Sunday newspaper to find a story about Gold Reef City Casino opening THE APARTHEID MUSEUM and not FREEDOM PARK. I sued for infringement and they in a counter action, in the name of a company called The South African Apartheid Museum at Freedom Park, applied to expunge my trademark. They succeeded in the Court of The Honourable Judge Southwood. That judgment sealed the matter for Judge Claasen when I made an Application for Leave to Appeal as it did when I petitioned the Chief Justice. After years of investigation and research I found stuff which I now refer to as the Krok/Salmon/Southwood Troika.

I took this and other information to the Constitutional Court too late it seems. On what I have unearthed over my 3 years of investigation around Gold Reef City Casino, Abe and Solly Krok, Richard Moloko, Bongani Biyela, the BEE stuff, the Honourable Judges Southwood and Claasen and court administration, we must revise the worn out cliché ‘we respect the decision of the courts’. My alternative is that: “we respect the decision of the courts where it seems to us that on the evidence, the conclusion reached was based on law and on the impartial assessment of the evidence before court.” Blind and uncritical respect just will not do. When on the facts, the actions, events and evidence that support a judgement appear wrong, inconsistent and suspicious; we must keep challenging until truth and justice prevails.

In pursuit of my original vision under the trademark The Apartheid Museum – this is my task. Read, if you will, all that I have put together and you too may understand why I believe that the Gauteng Gambling Board must exercise its obligations in terms of the Gambling Act and especially as it relates to the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic. Also, read all this and you too may understand why I believe that there exists – in the fullness of this matter; the symbiotic nature of things – a prima facie case of Perjury and/or Corruption and/or Fraud and/or Defeating the ends of justice.

Mike Stainbank – 2007
Founder: The Apartheid Museum™

For more please visit the following link:

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That Justice is a blind goddess

Is a thing to which we black are wise.

Her bandage hides two festering sores

That once perhaps were eyes

Langston Hughes (1902 – 1967)

From Mike Shirley and Family

Humbled and grateful, brothers and sisters.

A great moment when Mme Thabisile with Brothers Mabule, Thabang, Sibusiso, Rithili and Mduduzi brought Black Love to that courtroom on Tuesday 21 October 2014.

“This is not your fight” they said. “This is the fight of all Black people” they insisted.

I was deeply moved by the revolutionary spirit conveyed. It summed up what was captured by one reviewer of my book.ÂÂÂÂ

“. . . . the story about the Krok brothers amounted to less than a chapter, but was spread out across the telling of the story;

which is more about how white people have ripped off the black majority of this country, with the 'Kroks' and The Apartheid Museum amplifying the theme.

Rudi Nato da Mata

When they think it is overÂÂ . . . it has only just started.

Gratitude. Black Power!

Mike, Shirley and Family