Wentworth High

planes and smog
prayers, pedagogues and pranks
reaching down in thunderous vibration and poisonous fumes
polluting the pleasure of poerty
the magic of mathematical calculation
the veneration of Gndhi and Garibaldi

and students smile
while teachers wait
for the roar above
to calm and abate

but the raor above
fives rise
to the roar below
and calm does not come
in a minute or so

raucous tones,
and teachers’ antics
piping voices
and kung-fu tactics
finally restore calm
bring peace
the mood of industry
a minute before the siren
time for tea and tolerance

bursting from behind desks
students emerge on all floors
jostling along corridors
for the moment
from the need
to needle teachers

teachers relax
tossing back cups of tea
with titbits of talk
and titillating tales
of such and such
and so and so

until the siren
summons them back
to a few more hours on the rack

so it continues
t Wentworth High
on any day
in any week
even the day when you come by.