The Contract           The Hangman

Motho ke Motho                            Dam sad, sad mad,
ka Batho                                        mad sad, sad dam

I am                                            When the trap opened
because we are                            he fell
and                                             he didn’t die
because we are                            he handed me his monster
you are.                                        became a martyr
                                                    at my hands
And I                                         and I fell.
am responsible for you;                
Keeper                                        Now I grovel
of your happiness                        in his cell
of your well-being                        in the ground
Your Rights.                                biding my time
to rise again
And you                                        and make the time
are responsible for me;                 a time to kill
Keeper                                        again and again
of  my happiness                        Thou shalt.
of my well-being
My Rights.

my rights in your hands
your rights in my hands
held in Trust
because we are,
I am and you are,

That Moment

let’s leave it there
in the past
that moment
let it remain
an island of bliss
in the current of time
let’s not spoil
trying to prolong it