Myth Maker

myth making man,

since time began

telling stories

of trials and glories,

around the fire-place

and now in cyber space;

projecting human living

its struggles and its striving

in metaphors of other worlds –

the light of heaven

the darkness of hell;

creating the Creator

to absolve himself

and place all blame

beyond himself

beyond what is

beyond the glories

of our blood and state –

made shadows

in his lust

for life

after death

Myth 1


bed-time stories

and make believe glories

not witches and dragons,

spells and magic potions,

princes and princesses

and life giving kisses;

not wicked stepmothers

and fairy godmothers,

not magic carpets

and genies in bottles;


real fairy tales:



fraternity –


The people shall govern!

Put out the light