Annè -     Big brother (brother-in-law)

Athè -     Aunty

Atteridgeville - An African township

Bakkie -     Open van

Baas -     Afrikaans for Boss

Bhajan -     A congregation that chants and sings hymns

Bhajia -     Little spiced, fried balls made of chickpea flour

Braai -     Barbecue

Caffy -     (Colloquial for cafè)

Eersterus -     A ‘Coloured’ township

Gogo -     Grandmother

Gopuram -    Entrance tower/gateway of a Southern Indian style temple

Goolgoola -     Fried doughballs

Impimpi -     Sell-out, traitor

Inyanga -     A high priest of the African religion

Karma -     Action, commonly believed to be connected with         ignorance (evil)

Kirtan -     Hymn

Koran -     The holy book of Muslims
Machenie -     Beerhall

Mamè -     Uncle

Miesies (Mrs) -     Colloquial for madam (employer)

Murthi -     Holy image, statue

Muti -     Traditional medicine

Parti -     Grandmother  (Tamil)

Poosari -     Tamil priest

Pur -    Pastry for samoosas

Roti -    Indian round, flat bread

Samoosa -     Triangular pie

Saulsville -     An African township
Shangaan -     Tsonga, the language of the Tsongas in Limpopo Province

Sinuppa-    (Literally, small father) Uncle, father’s younger brother

Tabla -     Drum

Tala -     Rhythm

Tekkie -    Canvas shoe

Umma -     Mother

Unni -     Sister-in-law

Vadè -     Spicy, fried flat cake made of crushed yellow split peas

Varaluxmi -     The goddess Luxmi who grants boons (vara)

Vedantas -    (Upanishads, end of the Vedas) - the holy scriptures         of the Hindus

Yegyim (havan) - The fire raising ceremony, a purification ritual

Yetoo -     Eighth day ceremony after the death of a family         member. It allows the family to resume their normal     daily activities. Neighbours and relatives have  provided     for the  family since the death.