04 January 2013-01-05


Sorry, I didn’t get back to you earlier.   I have been busy trying to get rid of the clutter in my house.I am not at all tech-savvy.  I got a layout artist and printer-publisher to turn my books into e-books. .And I am very careless about copyright etc.  I suppose
I shouldn’t be.

But I no longer take responsibility for other people’s morality.  Again I suppose I should.   Our inability to control crime at the lower levels leads to crime at the macro level such as the terrible rape and murder of the young medical student on a bus in Delhi, India.   Now the abuse of women in India has been exposed as endemic in the country and one wonders how a country in which men, the police and government have no respect for women could have produced a Mahatma Gandhi.



O5 January 2013



Yes Muthal:

Ghandi came into being as the result of millions of people looking and hoping for someone or something to prove that existence is not totally insane.

My next big triumph will be to get enough money to move off of this street where human sex trafficking is so thick that 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 6 boys are abducted on a weekly basis.

The Exec director of my department took me to lunch today and cried over some mushroom soup as she told me that she's not sure what's going to happen to our department.  When I got home my landlady called asking for the back rent which I don't have.

I did buy a new pair of $15.00 shoes because my feet and back were hurting.  Tomorrow I'm on the radio trying to get people to
take my class.  Sunday I go to Dsnville to talk with a Lutheran Minister who does Jazz for Peace on Sunday.  Let's hope he has a job for me.

I'll get back to you later.

Thanks baby


06 January 2013


 Dear Luisah

Reading what you have written, one would hardly imagine that you are a citizen of a country that claims to be the world’s foremost

The end of apartheid and our declaration of democracy in 1994, opened my eyes to the meaning of democracy and now I understand that democracy in theory is one thing and democracy in practice is quite another. What we believe in is the theory and theory is like religion, a matter of faith. Belief in the gods of government.  

The practice of democracy is contaminated by human greed. Elected officials suddenly find themselves with the accumulated power given them in the vote and they are in the midst of great temptation and the principles of democracy locked away in constitutions no longer have relevance. So democracies turn into oligarchies.

And because the governed are people of faith, they are easy to exploit. Business and industry discovered that eons ago and the more the accumulation and centralisation of capital, the greater the corruption and the easier it becomes to exploit and create poverty.

More people like you and me with modest incomes, once believing in our independence, are being forced into financial insecurity.   We are all waking up to the need for change in all aspects of living. All the protests going on in countries all over the world are an indication that the systems, born of industrialisation, turned most of us into dependent workers, in factories, schools and shops. That has to change. We have to find new formulas for existence that allow every individual to be independent, self-sufficient
and productive.

We need to challenge the myth that the factory type school and standardised education leads to employment. What we need is
more specialisation in education that leads to Entrepreneurship. Children must no longer be made to believe that jobs are waiting for them out there in society; they must learn that they have to create or help create their own employment and education in a
factory-type school will not equip them to do that.

In a way we are living in very exciting times, in revolutionary times. Hopefully we, as the older generation, will find a way to survive.

I wish I could give you more than words.

Lots of good wishes and hope for the New Year



 27 Jan 2013

Alafia Muthal:

I finally got to my mailbox and picked up your manuscript.  I haven't had a chance to open it yet.  I'm looking to carve out a day with a few free hours in it.  Don't have it yet.  Also i think I will order a copy of my book for you from amazon.com and have them send it directly to you.

I'll also send that dvd of the show I loved so much as soon as I make a little extra cash.  I'm determined to move out of this place by spring.  So I have to hussle up some cash.  Let's keep in touch.


27 January 2013,

Hi Luisah

So glad the book arrived.  I have lost many a book in the mail.
There’s no rush ; take your time with everything and good luck finding a new home.

Alafia Muthal:

Luck is what its going to take.  A friend of mine was trying to make a home out of a basement around the corner.  It rained and water came up through the floor and then she found mice droppings in her bed. So today we have to get her out of there.  And the landlord damn well ain't getting no more money.

I'm infusing my self with optimism followed by a new strategy for survival.  Teaching in University is running me into the poor house.I prepared a class for 15 students, only one showed up, class cancelled,$3,000.00 lost.

I'm going to learn how to do online classes, start writing and selling articles, and work to develop some workshops that I can take on the road.

Maybe I can find an organization that would send for me to come to South Africa, then we can visit in person. I'm reaching out around the globe through linkedin.  Do
you know about it?  it's beginning to work for me. I'm off to a meeting and will reconnect with you later.I'm so glad we've found each other.