Hamburgers that Vanished         

     When the Chauke family, Papa, Mani, Khanyisa, Misaveni and Khazamula, moved from the village, they came to live in Section D in Mangombe.  Khanyisa and Misaveni were pupils at Sukhani Primary School. Everyday when they came home from school, they went straight to the kitchen where Mother had snacks ready for them on the kitchen table.        

     One day when they came home from school, they did not find their snacks on the table.  They looked in the refrigerator, on the stove, in the oven and even in the cupboards but could not find them.        

     They called out, ‘Mani, where are our snacks?’         Their mother called back, ‘On the table.’                 ‘No, they aren’t.’        

       Mother came into the kitchen and was surprised to see that there was nothing on the table.               ‘I put two hamburgers on a plate, right here on the table.’        

       Then they heard a munching noise under the table.  Misaveni shouted, ‘That must be Khazamula; he’s taken our hamburgers.’ 

       They looked under the table and there was a strange little boy, sitting on the floor, munching on a hamburger.        


          ‘Who are you?’ asked Khanyisa.        

          ‘Who are you?’ asked Mother.        

         The boy got such a fright at seeing Khanyisa and her mother that he dashed out of the kitchen without a word.        

       ‘Hey, come back,’ called Khanyisa, but he disappeared like a flash. ‘Mani, he took the hamburgers.’        

       ‘Poor boy.  He must be from the squatter camp.  Never mind, Khanyisa; never mind, Misaveni. I’ll make more.  Misaveni, you get hamburger patties from the refrigerator.  Khanyisa get the buns, cut them in halves and smear each half with margarine.’       

       Misaveni handed Mother the hamburger patties and she fried them.  Khanyisa prepared the buns and asked, ‘What shall we do next, Mani?’        

      ‘Cut a tomato into slices, cut two thin slices of onion and wash some lettuce leaves.’        

      Khanyisa sliced the tomato and onion while Misaveni pulled off some leaves from the head of lettuce and washed them.  She put the lettuce leaves on one half of each bun. Mother put the hamburger patties on the lettuce, then a thin slice of onion and a slice of tomato.  Lastly she spread mayonnaise over the tomato.  Then Khanyisa put the other half of the bun on top and the girls had their hamburgers again.  They picked up their hamburgers with both hands and took big bites.         ‘Hmmmm!  Delicious!’ 

        And they ate them all up!