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Apartheid Poems  



I think but am not
but to think I am not
is to be
not what I can
but what I must
In shades of yellow, brown and black
that fade in the white glare
of the being one



if you dare
of a Christ
of a saviour
of  a man who died on a cross
for my sins

who will die for yours
Mister Boss Man



Let us prey
for we were set on earth
to prey
prey on those beneath
who pray to those above
that we
will not prey
on them

God be merciful
We cannot



kill, kill, kill
kill the spirit
chain the mind
blind the heart
turn black to grey
and white to right
for a slave
my slave
made in my image


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+3 #11 andalassangecollins 2013-02-06 19:55
aluta continua. reeducation of the mind.
+4 #10 Muthal Naidoo 2013-01-20 13:01
Thank you Bronnie G. Non-being is one of my poems. Muthal Naidoo
+1 #9 Bronnie G 2013-01-20 11:40
who is the poem non-being written by?
+13 #8 zainab 2012-10-22 19:30
people it doesnt matter how you look
A person shouldn't jugde you by your color
Riots and fights shouldn't happen
To many shootings around those times
How can they do it
Evil are those people
I can't imagine how it was like
Do say we are bad because i dutch i wasn't born then
-4 #7 catherine 2012-02-23 22:39
i think al of yalls poems were good and thoughtfull for thoes people that had to go through something lyk dat................
+1 #6 Muthal Naidoo 2012-02-07 21:37
Thank you Chloe, Jessica Booker and Miss Angelina for your poems
+20 #5 chloe age 12 2012-02-07 18:16
The colour of an outcast

White clouds in the sky
looking down upon us
they enjoy the fact that we suffer
Greedy gods looking out for themselves
they believe that they are superior
The think they can make us disappear

We are paint on a pallet
Both black and white separated by an - invisible force
us, the minority, Stood solemly at the edge
we wait to be wiped off
to go down the drain into eternal darkness
forgotten, abandoned, lost

we are the darkness
the uprising force
seeking out to destroy all happiness
we are black and dark
no one wants or needs us
we are the colour of outcasts!
+5 #4 Jessica Booker 2011-10-21 13:14
[When you were alone part 3]

You’re even willing to paint for others
until your bucket of red, too, is empty.
No matter how long it takes,
you’ll go on with this struggle.
Just to see a small part of a clear blue sky.
To make all the black-and-white paintings go away,
once and for all.
+3 #3 Jessica Booker 2011-10-21 13:13
[When you were alone part 2]

Have you ever thought about something different than those colours.
Was there ever any chance to think about something different than the suppression
of your race.

And soon you discover there is another colour.
It’s red, like the dresses of the women dancing
underneath the burning sun in the homeland.
It’s red, like the tray that marks the path you’ve taken.
Like the colour of your struggle against apartheid.

It’s not a good colour.
But in an instant you know
you’ll have to learn to deal with this colour.
The colour of your blood.
Of everybody’s blood, no matter
the colour of their skin.
And you will.

[To be continued]
+10 #2 Jessica Booker 2011-10-21 13:12
When you were alone

Have you ever thought about something different than the colours,
when you were alone.
Was there ever any chance to think about
something different than your race.
You painted your own judgement
with the colours your surroundings gave away.

The white of the people in the homes painted likewise.
The black of the people on the streets, and the brown
of the dust they walk on and carry across their heavy burdens.
The blue and lightness of the sky that reminds you:
you have something to live for, even though it’s blurred,
by the paintings by yourself and others.

They’re colourful or grey.
They’re black or white.
They’re filled with love or formed by hate.

[To be continued]

But deep down you know that above all,
they’re fake.
That the pots of the people who painted them,
were only filled with emotion.
+1 #1 miss angelina 2011-08-28 13:48
the south african identity

im the south african.
humanity is my bread
i go no for separatment
im born over the land of oeople
and ill survcive with them
yuo are white, indian,colourds or black.
that does'nt mean nothing to me
as i told you before that im a south african.
im not black
im not white
but im a south afican*

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